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Mix Me Tea


Our story begins during procrastination study hours. Paul, the boba tea connoisseur, had just finished his last honey green milk tea drink of the night when he suddenly had the urge for more.  Unfortunately, all the local Boba shops had already closed, seeing how it was the idle of the night and all. As he sadly tossed his favorite drink in the trash, Paul wished he was able to quench his boba thirst without having to depend on the others and it was this desire that sparked his curiosity. After watching countless videos on YouTube on how to make boba tea, he finally started experimenting on his own. Try as he might, he wasn’t able to replicate his favorite tea drink from the recipes that were available online. So he reached out to his close buddies Kent and David, who also shared his love for Boba tea, for help. The three boba musketeers realized that drinking boba tea was a lot easier than making it, but they had so much fun working together that they refused to...


His Fake Wife: An Enemies to Lovers Billionaire Romance (Thorne Legacy Book 1)


When my father died, he sold his company and just about everything else to his best friend. I would have been cool with that if he hadn’t made another deal― Marry his best friend’s son, Adam Thorne.


Forget marriage, I can’t even stand that man for five minutes. Only reason I agreed is because of a deal he proposed: Help him change his image as a rake and I get back everything my father sold. I can work with that.

Make him look good (and avoid killing him) and in two years, I’m free.
Begin the countdown to my freedom!

Only, a few months in, Adam starts getting under my skin in a more...sexual sense. I’m getting to see firsthand why women’s panties―including mine―just drop for him. Our...


His Best Friend's Sister: A Billionaire Forbidden Romance (Thorne Legacy Book 2) 


My brother thinks that Nate is exactly the kind of guy that I should stay away from, even though he is his best friend. Nate is a total womanizer, he changes women like underwear. I guess it comes naturally when you are a billionaire - and not just any billionaire - He is a THORNE.

I had a silly girl-hood crush on him that died long ago. Now, after 10 years, he is back in the town for a company he bought. My brother convinces me to take an internship at Nate’s new company to complete my course.

We are poles apart…

He’s an uptight control freak who lives in suits and ties.

I’m a wild child― totally not his type...



Three local artists – Terril Cascia, Abdul Mazid, and Alex Weinstein – are being featured in a show that opens this evening at the Manhattan Beach Art Center.