Copy Editor/Proofreader for Mix Me Tea

I worked as a copyeditor and proofreader for startup company, Mix Me Tea.  

Mix Me Tea

About the Company

Our story begins during procrastination study hours. Paul, the boba tea connoisseur, had just finished his last honey green milk tea drink of the night, when he suddenly had the urge for more.  Unfortunately, all the local Boba shops had already closed, seeing how it was the idle of the night and all. As he sadly tossed his favorite drink in the trash, Paul wished he was able to quench his boba thirst without having to depend on the others and it was this desire that sparked his curiosity. After watching countless videos on YouTube on how to make boba tea, he finally started experimenting on his own. Try as he might, he wasn’t able to replicate his favorite tea drink from the recipes that were available online. So he reached out to his close buddies Kent and David, who also shared his love for Boba tea, for help. The three boba musketeers realized that drinking boba tea was a lot easier than making it, but they had so much fun working together that they refused to give up. Once they came up with the perfect mix ingredients, they decided that this experience needed to be shared with the world; thus Mix Me Tea came into fruition.

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