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Beta Reader

Price: $0.01

(per word)


This Is The Service For You If

You already have an editor, reviser, and proofreader, and just want outside input on the actual work itself. Authors mainly want beta readers to review their work because they know that beta readers are a unique hybrid of a reader and a reviewer. Beta readers are able to communicate
what they liked about the work, and they are also able to articulate what they do not like. Since they have read many books, they are also able to tell the authors if their novel stands out or if the work falls into a tropey category.

However, beta readers are not just for authors. Many writers utilize beta readers as well for their business and/or personal websites, articles, blogs, and magazines.

What is a Beta Reader?

A beta reader gives unbiased input/comments on the creator's finished work from the point of
view of a reader.

Special Bonus

If you are an author, I will post an unbiased review of your work on sites such as Amazon, Goodreads, or other platforms for free

upon request.


Price: $0.02

(per word)

Ebook Reader

This Is The Service For You If

You just want someone to make sure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

This is the final stage, where you will see if you were able to get your message across to your
readers. When the readers do not have to swim through grammar and spelling mistakes and
when they do not have to get frustrated by a poorly organized manuscript, then they will finally
be able to do what you want them to do: read and understand your message.

Your proofreader will tell you if you have reached this goal.

A proofreader will also carefully read over your work to ensure that there are no typographic
errors that the copy editor might have missed, as well as check the overall flow and structure of
the work that might have been misshapen during the revision process.

What is a Proofreader?

A proofreader is usually the last person to look at the written work before it gets published; therefore, it is the proofreader’s job to examine the work on a macro-scale to ensure that both the copy editor and the reviser did their

job well.

Proofreaders will also do one final sweep for any grammar, spelling or punctuation errors.

The proofreader will not edit the context of the existing work, but instead will focus on perfecting
the manuscript itself.

Special Bonus

Proofreading is charged per word, but if your work is over 4000 words, you will get the first 400 words for free.

Copy Editor

Price: $0.03

(per word)

Researching and Writing

What is a Copy Editor?

A copy editor reviews content for proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, tone/voice, basic
syntax and more.

However, the copy editor does not change the overall format, idea, or “message” of the original work. Copy editors can only suggest edits within the original work itself;

a copy editor is not a revisor or a proofreader. In this stage of editing, the copy editor might propose a rewrite if necessary, to ensure that all transitions are cohesive and to eliminate any wordiness.

It is the copy editor’s job to “polish” the draft as much as possible before it is passed on to the

This Is The Service For You If

You are looking for someone to fix any “surface level” errors that you may have missed in your
writing. When we read our own work, our minds sometimes gloss over certain aspects such as:
misspelled words, incorrect verbiage or a shift in tone. These aspects are almost always
overlooked by the content creator, but a copy editor will be able to pick up on them right away.

Copyediting can be seen as the “Level 1” of editing, and it is perfect for those who just want a
simple spelling, grammar, and syntax check without a serious revision.

Special Bonus

Copyediting is charged per word but if your work is over 3000 words, you will get the first
300 words for free.


Price: $0.04

(per word)

Laptop Writing

This Is The Service For You If

You have all of your thoughts and ideas down, and you want to present them in the best light
possible. You feel as if your draft is good...but you want it to be better, and you are not sure how to go about it. A reviser will work with you on a more personal level than a copy editor, and will dive deeper to dissect your work as a whole.

What is a Reviser?

A reviser is someone who “revises” written and/or printed work in order to elevate the finished

Revision can be seen as “Stage 2” in editing. In the revision stage, the surface grammar, spelling and punctuation have already been taken care of, so the revisers can focus on improving what is in front of them.

The reviser will check to see if the work is: organized (do ideas and thoughts flow naturally or is there a disconnect from one idea to the next), detailed oriented and written in a way where the writer’s main objective is clear and concise.

Unlike a copy editor, who will merely suggests an edit, a reviser will tell the writer what exactly
needs to be edited. Whether certain parts of the text need to be re-written, moved to a different area where the placement would make more sense, or simply be deleted.

Revisers do not only point out what needs to be revised, but they take it one step further by showing you how it should be done.

Remember that revision is done prior to proofreading: this is the stage where all your ideas and
thoughts are brought to the table, dressed up in their Sunday best, and are waiting for the final
input from the proofreader.

Special Bonus

Revision is charged per word but if your work is over 5000 words, you will get the first 100 words for free.

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