Proofreader for Published Author

Proofread both novels of The Zanite Chronicles. Checked for any inconsistencies in the storyline and/or with characters, performed basic fact checks, fixed any spelling and/or grammar issues, and gave input on areas that were needed.


The Zanite Chronicles

Volume 1: A Forgotten Destiny

Samantha Fredrickson is an ordinary girl...or so she thought. One day, her life is unraveled, and everything she thought she knew is wrong. Everything she thought she was is a lie, and everything she hopes for is ripped from her grasp. Parker Scott, the boy who seemingly has everything, is barely a shell of whom he was meant to be. One year after discovering he is a Zanite, his companion is still out there, unaware of what she is...or who he is. As he waits for his perfect person, he makes the most of life, trying to fill the emptiness inside. A Foreseer creates each Zanite’s destiny. The creature does whatever it must in order to keep each prophecy intact. When Parker and Samantha’s actions threaten to ruin one of the largest prophecies of Arezane’s history, the Foreseer makes an unexpected, painful, visit. While neither knows the other’s secret, the Foreseer makes sure they know the consequences of going against their true destiny, and gives them a hint to a test they will face.


The Zanite Chronicles

Volume 2: A Soul's Journey

Jake Sanders is an outgoing freshman in High School. He pretends like his life is simple, and has discovered girls. Yet, for some reason, he can’t get the guy from his dream out of his head...the guy who sort of reminds him of his best friend. Brock Davis prefers to keep to himself, convincing himself it’s too complicated to explain his situation to anyone. The only person he keeps close is Jake...his best friend whom he’s had a crush on for years. Little does he know that his feelings might be returned. When they discover they’re not exactly human, but Zanite Warriors, they have new battles to face. Coming to terms with their souls being so intertwined, is the first. Once Jake is ready to come to terms with who he truly is, he and Brock reconnect and strengthen their abilities. Until the day their enemy steps out of the shadows.

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