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About Me

Vy Sarah Nguyen 


My editing story started many moons ago...


I'd like to take you back to 2009:

My housemate at the time had an English paper she was stressing over, and she had asked me to look over it. I majored in English, and have taken at least a dozen classes by then. I knew I loved to read and write, but editing? I had never considered it.


I told her I had no experience with editing, but she insisted. She apologized for the paper being long and said she'd treat me to dinner because she knew how much of a chore it was.


Turns wasn't a all. As a matter of fact, it was really fun! It wasn't so much finding the errors or rephrasing sentences that made editing fun, but it was the overall goal of: how can I make this manuscript better?

I remember thinking to myself, "I like this so much, I would do it for free" and how many jobs in the world can we actually say that about? That's when I decided, "I want to be an editor!" I took a few more English courses and applied to be an English tutor at UCR's Academic Resource Center. I remember being a nervous wreck. Sure I love to read, write and edit but was I good enough to help others? Turns out, I was about to find out. I got the job, thanked my lucky stars and saw that as a sign to continue down that path. It's been over a decade, and honestly, I've never wanted to look back.

It’s funny how life works like that, huh? People think their lives depend on momentous moments but it’s actually the “insignificant” ones that will steer them down the right path.

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