Beta Reader for Published Author

Served as beta reader for Shoeburn and The Ill-Fitting Necklace in its final form. I gave critical input to the author and wrote a non-biased review of the novel.


Shoeburn and the Ill-Fitting Necklace

Shoeburn Ruffet is forced into finding the whereabouts of a business magnate's lost piece of jewelry. Regina Wendle, the most powerful woman in Welt Foot and the business magnate, will unleash bees, sink phony submarines, and sabotage helicopter outings until her necklace is found.


Shoeburn will do slightly less exciting stuff to figure out what the necklace's true purpose is.


The necklace has something to do with him. It has something to do with his father. It may even have something to do with his dead mother, who could or could not be Regina Wendle. Shoeburn does a few heroic things in this story amidst all his blundering, but he's not really a hero. He just finds himself unable to say 'no' in a situation that isn't about a missing necklace but is instead one in which
a necklace goes missing.

He'd just rather not be there at all.


AMETHYST (The Jewel Series Book 1)

My name is Amethyst Oh-Maya and I have a secret. I was born with something I've always known to be a curse. I have no idea why the gods of Nibiru have given me the power of Mother Nature.

For years, I thought I knew who I was. The truth is, I didn’t know half of what I was capable of. Not until the Mayhem happened. There’s a reason why people try to run me out of the city. There’s a reason why they will always hunt me. Because I’m a murderer of thousands.

So, I run. I hide where people wouldn’t dare to look for me: The Devil’s Backbone. It’s where scum and deviants hang out. We are the lowest lifeforms in our society, yet we are feared the most. I fit in perfectly, and after six years of stealing jewels, I’ve notoriously become known as Hour Eight. I only show up when night strikes. It was something I was forced to get used to because of my glowing eyes.

Though, I’m not the only notoriously known thief running amuck in here. He is the most wanted in all seven sections. Nobody knows anything about him except for his mysterious name, the Black Flame. I've only seen him at a distance. And I've never encountered him before. Not until tonight.


BLACK FLAME (The Jewel Series Book 2)

After nearly making my escape out of the Devil’s Backbone, I’m caught by the Black Flame. He knocks me out unconscious before I can figure out who he is beneath that hood.

There are no rules in the Devil’s Backbone, and people only come here for two reasons . . . So, what did he want to do with me?


GLASS SHARDS (The Jewel Series Book 3)

I finally make it into Poplar City with my spine intact, but the thing holding me back is my past. I’ve killed thousands, including my own brother. How am I going to protect my sister, the only family member I have left, when it’s me I’m trying to protect her from?

GLASS SHARDS is the heart-pounding third installment in The Jewel Series, a fast-paced YA fantasy romance that grapples with love, loss, and self-discovery in a unique dystopian world. Coming soon is the fourth installment, DEVIL’S MAZE.

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