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Read 'Em

and Write

with Sarah Vy Nguyen 

Don't weep over the thought of editing your work. With me on your team, I promise you will always leave with a winning hand.


What Is An Editor & Why You Absolutely Need One:

To put it simply, an editor is someone who well...edits. That means catching grammar and spelling mistakes, having a keen eye for inconsistencies, making sure the words flow fluidly, and so much more.

Editors do more than just check and correct grammar and spelling. To find out what kind of editor you will need for your specific project, click here.

I am here to help polish your work so you can be confident in your finished product, as you should be. I understand how difficult it is to find the right editor for you, especially because there are so many talented ones out there. To help make your decision-making process easier and more comfortable, I offer free sample edits to all of my clients.

So sit back and relax; you already took care of the most difficult part, the writing, so leave the rest to me.

My Portfolio

Published Entertainment Journalist for Easy Reader News Magazine

Published Entertainment Journalist

Client's Testimonials

"Working with Vy was better than I ever expected. Not only did she spend her time combing through my work, but she approached the process with a guiding hand. She made sure to clarify her suggestions, keep them constructive, and was available to discuss them. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I never left a discussion feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. She has a true passion and love for books, and the creative, artistic insight to help them grow."

- E.C. Bauer,

The Zanite Chronicles

“Love coming to Vy for my copyediting and proofreading needs. She works her magic to make the words flow without changing the tone of voice. She’s a little grammar/spelling ninja and catches the smallest things that can easily be missed. I highly recommend her.”

- Nicol O’ Brien, 

Lifestyle Instagrammer@nicolobrien

I needed help with my company's mission statement so I hired Vy. I am happy with the result. She definitely exceeded my expectations. Not only is she easy to work with, but she is an excellent communicator. She's also super organized and timely. She understood what I wanted and was able to execute it within a few days. I can tell that she truly cares about writing and the quality of her work. Thank you, Vy! 

- Paul Duong,

CEO of Mix Me Tea

"Sometimes, a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light."

-Stephen King 

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